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3D stereoscopy

3D is a synonym for stereoscopic presentation. The advantage of stereoscopy is depth perception. Stereoscopy occurs through slightly shifted perspectives similar to the function of the human eye. The brain processes both images and interprets the information into a 3-dimensional picture. The depth perception is affected by several factors like perspective, shading, light conditions, colour and relative proportions. The correct composition of both images is going to be even more strenuous for the brain when the amount of different picture information increases.

BMTvision 3D Stereoskopie


The Blazejewski MEDI-TECH company developed the BMTvision® endoscope system which reproduces the visual perception of the human eye. The information of two images from a parallel shifted perspective is being projected onto sensors and transferred to a control unit. The control unit processes the information from the sensors and prepares it for the 3D monitor screen. In doing so every image information will be adjusted and prepared in pixel precision. This electronic adjustment of the image information is our own development and transfers a clear and undisturbed picture to the 3D monitor screen which is pleasant for the eyes. The 3D monitor screen emits the information of both images. For each eye the image information is filtered with the help of polarized 3D glasses.

BMTvision 3D Stereoskopie


  • Natural depth perception
  • Better assessment of the situation
  • Easier use of instruments
  • Shorter surgery time
  • Faster learning of new surgical applications

Video provided as courtesy of our partner OmniVision Technologies, Inc.

BMTvision® 3D stereoscopy product demonstration, featuring OmniVision’s OH02A image sensor
  • Image 1

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  • 3D stereoscopy
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