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OEM Projects

Progress through project planning.


Being a think tank and a service provider in development we help you to implement your visions. We support you in the conception of your ideas, through development and production of your future-oriented medical products up to the process of worldwide approval and the after-sales service. Our team of experts advises and serves you in every stage of the project and ensures a fast and custom-fit realisation of your requirements.


Your visions and ideas are the spark for our cooperation. We take up the idea and work out a promising product concept by taking technological and economical aspects into account. In this stage risks, legal requirements, existing patents and easy servicing are also being noted. Aim of the conception phase is the preparation of a precise specification sheet and the calculation of the project duration.


We develop your product based on the prepared specification sheet. We use modern CAD software for construction and fall back on well-founded know-how and long-standing experience of our experts. The whole process is laid out for the achievement of the requirements, from the selection of the suitable material and production technology up to the design of the geometrics. We focus especially on economy, reproducibility and process reliability while manufacturing your product. This is done with best quality and by observing certification and approval requirements.


By means of rapid prototyping and modern machinery we are able to produce prototypes for design studies and functional testing very fast. In doing so we are in the position to avoid construction errors already at an early stage of the development of your product and we have further the ability to make changes of the design. The functioning prototypes can be additionally used for demonstration and functional testing. This gives you a remarkable edge until the actual market launch takes place and provides a competitive advantage.

Function test

The functioning prototypes will be fully checked and tested under real conditions. We have a cooperation with a certified testing laboratory where we perform tests in the areas of reprocessing and biocompatibility.


We support you in the registration process of your product in all markets and ensure that all necessary regulatory requirements are being fulfilled. Our quality management system documents every procedure and ensures process safety during project execution and order processing. As a result, we are able to guarantee traceability of all products up to the raw material. Every verification or proof is being obtained, prepared or commissioned to a certified laboratory by us.


After your approval your product will be integrated in our series production. By means of our high production depth and our modern machinery we have the ability to produce the component parts of your product by ourselves. Our quality control ensures consistent high quality standards. This applies for purchased parts of our suppliers as well. Our employees are being trained frequently and manufacture your product always according to high quality standards.

After Sales Service

It’s important to know that you can count on us after the processing of your product. Our service team offers technical support and provides help in the procedure of repairing or exchanging your instruments.


Innovative production with modern machinery and growing know-how. Distinguished and encouraged by the federal state Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

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  • 3D stereoscopy
  • Rigid endoscopes
  • Angled optics
  • Semiflexible endoscopes
  • OEM elektronics

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The company is internationally well known for the high quality of its products in the field of mechanics, optics and electronic components. Blazejewski MEDI-TECH develops and produces its products for internationally operating global players in the medical market.